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pool-siestaHaving your very own pool enhances your private relaxation and comfort in your home and increases your recreational potential. Imagine gliding through the water at the end of a long day or a refreshing dip in your own backyard paradise as the ripples soothe away the tension from a stressful day. Doesn't that sound nice?

The reality is that you can have your very own backyard paradise but there are some things you need to know before you leap head first into the shallow end. Buying a pool is a considerable investment and you want to make the most out of that investment. There is quite a bit of research involved to insure you're dealing with a reputable contractor as well.

When it comes to pool building there are very few government regulations to hold pool contractors to be accountable for their projects. Pool construction requires specialized skill and trained supervision. Untrained labor can result in poor workmanship thereby compromising the quality of the entire pool design.

In qualifying a contractor to build your dream pool, consider the following:

  • The absolute first question you must ask yourself when qualifying a contractor to build your dream pool or spa, "Are you willing to work with a contractor who simply wants to make the sell and push on?" This question leads to your pool contractors location. If you find that they are unwilling to offer their business address, they may be living out of a motel or even a van. This scenario is bad for the contractor can simply skip town with your hard-earned money. Even if they are in a motel or an apartment they probably have no credibility to guarantee their product.
  • The quality and condition of the equipment they are using are good indications if a contractor can do a good job. Well-maintained equipment shows that the contractor is serious in providing quality pools.
  • Find out how long the pool builder has been in business under the current business name and current owner. A good rule of thumb for any construction contractor is that if a builder has been in business less than three years, move on. There is no reason why you should risk your home and investment to inexperience. Play it safe and only work with those that have been in business under the same name and owner for more than three years. Three years provides a decent track record for you giving ample opportunities to research references.
  • References that you can contact will tell you a lot about the performance of a particular contractor. A few calls to their past customers will give enough information to measure the kind of work a contractor provides. Ask questions that includes the length of time the project took before completion and what support was given after the project was completed? You will be spending a considerable amount of money and the previous customers should understand your curiosity in asking these questions.
  • The last bit of wisdom we would like to impart upon you is to get involved in every aspect of the construction of your pool. Become knowledgable about the materials and equipment being used and how they can affect your bottom line and quality. Vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete? Each material has its pros and cons given the space available and what you can afford.

    Be diligent in your request for information. The contractor works for you and should provide you with any information concerning the equipment and accessories to be used in your design.

So, remember the old adage "you get what you pay for". It could not be more true than when attempting to find a pool builder. You want a dedicated professional committed to providing  you with absolutely the best possible value.

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