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getting what you want

At Pool Dude Pool we make sure that you get what you pay for. Many contractors, when constructing pools will utilize substandard material to save money or cut corners for convenience, which means they should be held legally responsbile for any failures. We make sure you have the warranties, the maintenance manuals, and info associated with your account.

setting client expectations

We understand that the largest threat to a healthy client/contractor relationship is when the client's expectations are not met. Pool Dude Pools is very sensitive to ensuring that you understand every aspect of the construction process before you sign any contract and that you fully understand the implications of approving your construction.

PDP has no sales team

Every representative that you talk to at Pool Dude Pools is a member of the construction team and understands our philosophy, the technology, and our process. We have no dedicated sales team; we believe clients are better served when they are working with a single point of contact throughout the life of their project.

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